Land Sale


It is very easy to get land from the magical world of Shaar. You can buy your own land using the NFT Sales Platforms that we act as partners or directly on the Shaar Marketplace and then build various buildings on the land you own.


  • If you own a land, you can create your own buildings on the land you own instead of waiting in line at the common areas. You can make the buildings you create available to your friends or rent them to other players to earn income.

  • During your journey, your hero's health may drop to 0 and your hero may faint. In this case, your hero will spawn near the palace or temple you defined as the spawn point. However, you can set some buildings that you will build on the land you own as spawn points and have an advantageous starting opportunity.

  • Strategically important shelters for your hero, friends and animals on owned lands; defensive elements where you can protect your lands, your hero and your allies; community structures for clan and sect; raw material production facilities, secondary production facilities or massive production structures; cosmetic production areas where you can transfer your artistic productions to our world and earn money; with education and treatment centers and social interaction structures... You can create more than 30 buildings on your lands.

With the rapid increase in the number of players, the rapid decrease in the lands available for sale in the central areas may make you feel regret. For this, buy land from strategically important locations before it is too late.


The price of the purchased land is determined by the geo-strategic and economic importance of its location and the size of the land.

Palaces and temples are the heart of cities as the busiest and safest areas of their respective cities. These areas are very active and will always remain so. Unless an organized attack is planned with a grand strategy, these structures and the lands around them cannot be expected to be occupied. Therefore, having lands near palaces and temples will give players a great advantage.

A player can sell the land he owns to another player. In this case, all kinds of usage rights of the land he owns and the places within the land are transferred to the player who made the purchase.

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