Jehi (Motley)

Shaarchildren called them Jehir (Motley). In Common Language, they are known as Devils, Guls or Disguisers. Oh, what a violence it is they spread, what a terror it is they bring! As far as we know, they are the most malicious ones. They live beyond Kemj Arusa, in Donayttur Cibis.

In fact, Kemj Elmiris protected the sons for cycles; they became a shield together with the beyond. However, as mischief and evil over Rutasar grew, mischievous ones rapidly absorbed grace, agonizing Tinna. Thus, a gap opened in the Almighty Zone.

In the beginning, Jehir slowly infiltrated through the gap. But this time, Vuhsar caught and bewildered them! They did not allow them to pass. Many times we watched their mist being entangled with fire, flying to pieces.

Then Devils realized their journey was short, struggle was in vain and as dark as a dream without bodies: they needed bodies. Therefore they attacked lives and descended on bodies. What they stole from the sons protected them by covering their foulness. A few of them could dominate the bodies. The rest, filthy creatures, almost worshipped the bodies, being visible and touchable. As they belated leaving the bodies, the bodies they constrained became their prison; they were trapped. Memories were taken from their minds. They forgot their purpose at first; then they forgot who and what they were. We watched them wander above Rutasar as unconscious tramps. Until sickening sound was heard from beyond the zone. O Hûda o Hûda o! What an eerie cry! Then appeared mist… According to what the almighty ones say (House of Threes and House of Sevens), monstrous inspiration possessed them with those screams coming from Donayttur Cibis. Mist blew them vulgar breaths. They were like puppets controlled by a Darkskinned: once relatives, now their new lords. They unconsciously obeyed. The sons called them Nightservants. And they called the mist and relatives beyond Jehir…

Jehir were whisperers with delusion. Servants carved Ratjar, dug Rutasar at their wish. They made what they call qhuusa from ores. They separately took shape and attacked the sons by spreading dark charms through their poisonous mouths. As they pillaged, mist grew. And Qhoras… The worst! He intended Nûr. Aya Shaar was infected with his filthy breath.

Note: This text taken from Shaar Book. For details and meanings of special words written in Jel Ketri, please refer to the relevant file.


Motleys get buffs when they are in the domain of Ufas (Twinkle of the Night), Asat Mirepi (Firepourer), Ekat Chark (Screamer), Dilen Dorug (Mischief Bundle), Dosh Dorug (Ball of Evil), Sisirki (Delusional) and Tuyt Dahuk (Terror Wad).

Motleys are great Miqeneghi (Fortyfeet) and Jehi Zizugkar (Motley Whine) masters.

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Motleys get debuffs when they are in the domain of Hellim Helses (Twinkle of the Day), Enij Elmis (Glacier), Genlim Sasa (Song Bearer), Binimet Elmis (Foresighter), Parap Seylim (Zenith), Heslim (Whisperer) and Epemet Murpas (Altar of Contemplation).

Motleys can't tame Ke.

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