In the first phase, Shaar is about the struggle of Shaar Helm and Night Division, who face off in the Battle of Motley Lands, and the players must absolutely be on the side of one of these two alliances.

When creating your hero profile, we take it very seriously that you decide which unit you will fight for. Because this choice will be a one-time only, and leaving the alliance will not be possible by any means unless a new phase opens and a new hero profile is created. Let us remind you that you can make separate choices for the tribe you belong to and the religion you belong to. There are completely organic relations between religions and tribes, and it is possible to see various strategic approaches and intrigues arising from these organic relations. For details, please visit the religion and tribe topics.

Opponents (Tribe)

Opponents (Religion)


There is a natural affinity between the elements fighting for the same side in social, commercial and political terms. These affinities cover a wide range from wandering freely within the borders of the related friendly elements to the right to use the spaces within these borders.

Social, commercial and political interactions between elements that are automatically positioned as adversaries due to the alliances to which they are affiliated are quite limited.

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