Aya Shaar

Shaar became grainy with Nûr complying with Hûda’s command in this period. As far as we know, Nûr weaved all Aya Shaar on Shaar in a time as short as the tiniest grain that defines time: Rutasar and Teriser and Kemj Elmiris and Vuhsar and Mirelim Lakusar and Hellim Helseris and Ufasar and Gerlimer and Helj Elmiris and Asat Mirepir and Enij Elmiris and Keyipser and Aya Keyipser and Nerlim Elmiris and Ilerj Elmiris and Epemet Murparis and Pakaraz Atsaris and Pijleris and Helmet Ozparis and Binimet Elmiris and Parap Seylimer and Heslimer and Ili Elmiris and Genlim Sasar and Ratjar and Siner and Kopasar…

Words are not used in Beings, but for us, words increase to speak. Tinna does not expand, but Rutasar and Teriser and everything among them are girded with colors. Sounds may be limited, but music rises evermore. It is ever rumored in Shaar that, even in this time, there is something beyond the lands and skies. Only Hûda knows what exactly Shaar is.

It is rumored that, in the Period of Beings, times are wider than and beyond all known dreams and visions, all reflected and unreflected ideas, all piles of serapes, memories and hopes or all mysteries, happening or to be happened. How much time is left, it only makes a day beside this time. For all times, harmony of trees was said to be infinite and flawless enough not to coincide with any word of any language than the present time. Now we know by heart, these humble ears cannot hear the power and spirit of the songs in the Period of Beings.

Note: This text taken from Shaar Book. For details and meanings of special words written in Jel Ketri, please refer to the relevant file.

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