It is possible to create various buildings on the lands you own.

Type of Buildings

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Building Attributions


It is the value that indicates the level of development of the building. As the level of a place rises, the opportunities it provides increase in parallel.

Required Space

Indicates the land requirement for the construction of the building. If the space requirement is not met, it is impossible to establish or develop the structure.


A player who owns land can sell his land to another player. But this does not apply to buldings. However, buildings can be rented. This section tells whether a building can be rented. If the rental option is active, the building can be rented to other players daily, weekly, monthly or for a specified period of time, for a specified fee.


It is the value that indicates the durability of each building created. When a building's durability comes to an end, its functions cannot be utilized and must be repaired.

Buildings with weakened durability do not self-repair.


  • Heroes can repair their buildings themselves.

  • Other heroes can take part in the repair of the destroyed building.

  • If there is no active attack or threat of attack, bodyguards in the land will repair weakened buildings.


Indicates the number of heroes that the building is allocated to use or that can effectively benefit from the building at the same time.

Pet Capacity

Specifies the number of animals the building can accommodate.

Work Capacity

Specifies the number of workers that can work in the building at the same time.

Product Range

Indicates the number of products (product range) allocated for production in the building.

Product Capacity

Indicates the maximum number of items that the building can store at the same time.

Scope of Treatment

It reports how many diseases a hospice can be competent in the treatment of.

Market Capacity

It is the knowledge of how many heroes can open sales counters at the same time within the boundaries of the building.

Harbour Capacity

It indicates the areal size of the vessels that can benefit from the marina function of the port.

Hairparchment Capacity

It reports the total number of hairparchment that can be displayed in the library.


Reports the number of stages the building contains. Stages are activity points where heroes can perform individually or collectively.


Reports the number of rooms allocated to heroes for special use.


It reports how many different kinds of desktop games can be played at the same time.

Quick Recovery (HP or MP)

Quick recovery of HP and MP values ​​dropped in Shaar is only possible with the use of buildings that provide quick recovery.


It states that the building has a special area to protect the items owned by the heroes.


Indicates the total number of masters who can give basic ability training. Each master can only train the hero in one ability branch.

Weapon Master

Indicates the total number of weapon masters who can give weapon mastery training. Each weapon master can only train the hero in one class.


Indicates the number of animal trainers in the building. Each groom is professional in training only one animal at a time and cannot train another animal.


Indicates that the building has a dungeon that prevents captured prisoners from escaping.


Bodyguards are NPCs that players can hire to protect their terrain and structures. You can hire a bodyguard using the land management panel.

Owning land alone is not enough to hire a bodyguard. For this, you must have structures that offer bodyguard support. The specified number of bodyguards indicates the bodyguard quota provided by that build.

E.g: Let's say you have shelter (Level 5) and castle (Level 2). In this case, you get the right to hire 5 bodyguards with the opportunity provided by Shelter (1) and Castle (4).

The bodyguard whose health is reset may faint or die. If the bodyguard dies, the owner loses his right to it and must pay to be able to hire it again.

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