Nerlim Elmis (Healer)


Nerlim Elmiris are Healers, Healing Trees.

It is a controversial issue whether they are a Keyipse from Keyipser. Some sons (Heir) believe they are an entity besides Keyipser. As far as we know, unlike Keyipser, visions pass through it and perch behind; this nature is witness to their uniqueness. In fact, some of them are cast on Rutasar as transparent veils, and join it. In fact, some of them grow taller until Teriser, being taken with it. We recognize them from their smells as well. They are sugary, bitter or causing grimace; they give off sharp and tangy smells. Each Nerlim Elmis leaves a part of its core to the ones who are influenced by it. Hagcauldron, witchshell and more are what they left: the ointments made of them refresh the sons; wounds heal with them; essences, spiritual foods, spices, poison, elixirs and enchantments, each of them is made with them.

Note: This text taken from Shaar Book. For details and meanings of special words written in Jel Ketri, please refer to the relevant file.

In-game Features


The following is the core this can be collected through Nerlim Elmis:

Buff / Debuff

It does not provide buffs or debuffs to heroes.

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