Heroes can improve their basic abilities by interacting and fighting in free-roam zones, as well as by training in the enigma.



Masters can train heroes for strength.


Enigma are drill points that remove the need for free roam zones of the map and interaction with other heroes for a hero to keep their abilities up to date and upgrade. Heroes can improve their abilities here and allow other players to benefit from this opportunity for the specified training price.

The owners of the buildings can determine the heroes who can benefit from the enigmas according to values ​​such as tribe, religion, clan, sect, family or with completely special criteria. It can create permission and prohibition lists. It can define different service fees for each determined group.

An enigma at the last level of development allows players to hire bodyguards. Bodyguards are powerful elements that players can assign to protect their lands and repair their buildings.


The higher the upgrade level of the enigmas, the more masters the building contain. Each master can only train in the relevant skill field.

If the building's durability is completely damaged at the end of an attack, players will not be able to take advantage of the building functions. In this case, the building must be repaired.

It should not be forgotten that the required space also increases with level increases. Players should calculate their strategies accordingly.

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