How To Start

Join the Magical Universe of Shaar

It's easy to start your adventure in the magical world of Shaar. Create your account now and take your place among the Shaarchildren.

1) Choose Your Side

How you position yourself in the story is very important. Before creating your hero profile, we recommend that you examine the tribes and religions in the troops section in detail.

2) Create Hero Profile

After choosing your side, all you have to do is create your hero profile. This part will take your minutes. After choosing your tribe and religion, you must create an impressive appearance for your hero and carefully determine his special abilities. Note that these selections are one-time only. You will continue the journey with him and you will constantly look after him.

The last thing you need to start your journey is to connect your wallet. Remember, this is a very fertile world where you can earn countless Shaar Tokens and various NFTs even if you don't make any investments.

4) Ready for Adventure

If you have completed the above steps, you can start now. This is a magical world you have never witnessed before. Don't be in a rush for anything. Travel, feel and enjoy! Now you are one of Shaarchildren.

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