Blood God Worship

In the language of Jel Ketri they are called Gotang Teresifipis. This is a kind of cannibalism and it is common amongst Gagga (Cannibal) Tribe.

Believers of this path does not honor Aya Shaar. They follow the path of sacred priest they named Çanda. For Çanda’s, Gotang is the almighty. It is Blood God. It feeds on pung thriving in skins. Each mouth belongs to Gotang, each breathing being is a pung hole and Blood God must be fed. This is why in every motivation of this belief there is harm, torture and even death for all beings. All of these rituals are called pung extraction. If they fail to find a victim to extract the pung, worshippers of Gotang will have to torture themselves, shed their own bloods, gnaw on their own flesh and even rip off their own limbs.


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