Aya Rimi (Heir)

They were the ones who walked to west during the Period of Walks. We know them by their pride.

Some sons (Maari) called them Aya Rimir. This word has an insulting meaning. Because it comprises of the meanings step first child, the first bastard.

After the Period of Walks, they kept Aya Pellar Islands: there are Hafugur Atsas, Om Shak and Aya Pellar Library. Today, these lands are under control of Eastern Heirs. Besides, they control all homelands on the west wing of Girin Izar: and Eastern Guardians are deployed further. In old times, all these homelands were in the employ of a single lord; but after Bare Shoes War, homelands separated, and two lords appeared on east and west. The ones at east regarded themselves certain and absolute heir of Aya Pellar. Oh, what an arrogance! They braced themselves to great creatures, tamed furi and thus quit snapping tongue to other sons.

Heirs built libraries, investigation houses, observatories and geometry houses. The most majestic ironcures walking above the seas are molded in their shipyards. They are good at taming yalichuru. Nothing else floats better than them. Rumors tell about their inefficacy in fighting. They are pretty good at molding weapons. But they are advanced in processing. They polish their weapons with ice breaths, and walk to the enemy with them.

Note: This text taken from Shaar Book. For details and meanings of special words written in Jel Ketri, please refer to the relevant file.


Heirs get buffs when they are in the domain of Hellim Helses (Twinkle of the Day), Enij Elmis (Glacier), Genlim Sasa (Song Bearer), Binimet Elmis (Foresighter), Parap Seylim (Zenith), Heslim (Whisperer) and Epemet Murpas (Altar of Contemplation).

Heirs are great Furi (Beetle) and Chipen (Windhead) masters.

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Heirs get debuffs when they are in the domain of Ufas (Twinkle of the Night), Asat Mirepi (Firepourer), Ekat Chark (Screamer), Dilen Dorug (Mischief Bundle), Dosh Dorug (Ball of Evil), Sisirki (Delusional) and Tuyt Dahuk (Terror Wad).

Heirs can't tame Batura (Lakehorse).

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