They are social interaction areas where the heroes can hold a table and play games; rent a room and rest; and open stalls and sell.



Inn owners receive the defined rental fee for each stand opened and each table held by other heroes.

Rooms are areas where heroes can heal faster compared to free roam zones. The owner earns income from each rented room.

Heroes getting together can play tabletop games. Each leveling up of the building means a new specially designed game is played at the tables.

Inns allow players to hire bodyguards. Bodyguards are powerful elements that players can assign to protect their lands and repair their buildings.


Leveling up the inns will allow more heroes to enter the area and open more stands.

If the building's durability is completely damaged at the end of an attack, players will not be able to take advantage of the building functions. In this case, the building must be repaired.

It should not be forgotten that the required space also increases with level increases. Players should calculate their strategies accordingly.

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