Binimet Elmis (Foresighter)


Binimet Elmiris are Foresighters.

Time is folded in the eyes of Aya Shaar. It is not Chir (past, present, future), but Fa (moment). Binimet Elmiris inspires the knowledge of one to hearts. We observe with it the knowledge of what is granted time, what has the possibility of happening, but not happened yet.

However, the ones who are doubtful and afraid of what their fate would bring shy away from nearing it; they cautiously honor them from a distance, pass by without nearing. The reason is: their gift is like heavy rainfall left by a roaring Mirelim Lakusa, piercing through, as if it captivates mind. The one who doesn’t have the knowledge of the immensity in Toyukuq Cabis would tremble before this gift; everything they got used to, believe and hope would break; it is so hard for them to forget what they see and to deal with what they remember.

Only courageous and wise can experience the bearable and pleasurable taste there. They are among sages, what they see and hear are not burden for their nature. Thus expands their discoveries, and their prophecies become luminous.

Note: This text taken from Shaar Book. For details and meanings of special words written in Jel Ketri, please refer to the relevant file.

In-game Features


Yes (to Gosh Dorug)



Story Flow (Just at the begining of the game)


Creating Quests


The following is the core this can be collected through Binimet Elmis:

Buff / Debuff

The buffs and debuffs provided to players in the domain are listed.


Yes (+++)

Yes (++)

Yes (+)

Yes (++++)

No (----)

No (-)

No (--)

No (---)

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