Vuhsa (Howler)


They are the Howlers.

They are known as Thirds in Ziz Kurk and followers believe they are the sons of Rutasar and Teriser. Some archaic hairparchments in Aya Pellar Library support this belief of Southernoffsprings.

Most wises (Heir) believe it is a third entity ensorcelled by both entities while Rutasar and Teriser part from each other. For them, howlers are the secret of earth and sky. While being ensorcelled by Rutasar, its body was shed on it, while being ensorcelled by Teriser, its light was absorbed by it. What remains from the first existence is a veiled, transparent body. And the sound: ceaselessly howling, it reminds of the high seas. Yeah, it is a third along with all thirds, and the first of all thirds after it. Water and seed are carried with it. Day and night are carried with it. Summer and winter are carried with it.

Lime Pesafit spoke about them: “You imagine they exist. But they are the absence of existence. You see them in turquoise, lilac, scarlet or yellow tones. But how can a thing you cannot touch have a color? Even if you go to the highest hill, you cannot hold them. You see them under an Orsa. Then under another Orsa. They join together, fall apart and join together again. You see what they carry, leave, bring. They are Shaar’s hands that cannot be held by hands. Try to give an ear to their voice. They always have an old story to tell.”

Note: This text taken from Shaar Book. For details and meanings of special words written in Jel Ketri, please refer to the relevant file.

In-game Features





Story Flow (Just at the begining of the game)


You cannot collect essence from Vuhsa.

Buff / Debuff

It does not provide buffs or debuffs to heroes.

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