Elections (Tribe)


Periodic elections are held immediately after the end of the war seasons to determine the tribal administrators. At the end of these elections, ruler, grand vizier and viziers are determined. Unless there is a coup or early election, elected administrators remain in their posts until the next war season.

Candidacy Process

  1. After the war season ends, the election date is announced and candidacy applications are received.

  2. Players who want to be nominated deposit the determined candidation fee into the system.

  3. After the application process is completed, the candidates make their promises in the propaganda panel created for them.

  4. The player who comes first as a result of the majority of qualified votes as a result of the election is entitled to become the tribe ruler. The second placed player becomes the grand vizier. And the following players take their place in the cabinet as viziers.

Voting and Calculation

Any player who is a member of the tribe can participate in the election. However, the outcome of the elections is determined by the qualified majority (vote effect), not the quantitative majority of the unitary votes. The ballot box table below explains how to calculate the unit vote attributes of the players.

Ballot Box

First Ranked ClanSecond Ranked ClanThird Ranked ClanGlazed BasedGeneral






  • Clan rankings are determined by the end of war seasons.

  • If the player is the ultimatebirth or member of a clan in the leaderboard, this will positively affect the unit vote quality.

  • If the player has loaded the glaze pool, this will have a positive effect on the unit vote quality.

Sample Voting
  1. The player belongs to an 11-member clan that ranks second on the leaderboard.

  2. 1000 players voted in his tribe. 100 glazes were deposited in the glaze pool.

  3. The number of glazes deposited by the player is 2.


  1. There is a 10% ballot box value as the clan the player belongs to is in second place. Therefore, half of the percentage, 5%, is included in the clan leader's vote influence. The remaining 5% is divided equally among clan members: 5/10 = 0.5*

  2. Since the general ballot box value is 40%, this value is divided by the number of members voting in the tribe: 40/1000 = 0.025*

  3. Since the glazed based ballot box value is 30%, this value is divided by the total number of glazes in the pool and multiplied by the number of glazes the player has deposited. (30/100)x2 = 0.6*

Vote Effect: 0,5 + 0,025 + 0,6 = 1,125

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