Maari (Free)

The ones who walked to east during the Period of Walks named themselves Maari. They considered Parap Seylimer, Ilerj Elmiris and Epemet Murparis as the almightiest. They lived in their kopak made of ape and Siner. They rode kes and grew hair as their mane. They were courageous warriors. They became experts in using weapons. They stormed through the battles by reading Danuq Nushkiter to their nap belsa. Many of these sons have been mentioned in legends. In fact, any army with the same crowd would not dare front them.

Maaris… As far as we know, they are the community that is the hardest to bring under obedience. They call their leaders heri. When their chiefs fall, we know many of them claims title. They are easily separated. This is their weakness. Unless an external threat appears, separated ones rarely unite. Otherwise, when a threat appears, we know they rode ke under the highest Tug.

We have more to say. Their sons are treated as adults by their ancestors. A newborn maari is weaned off breast milk right after birth and they began sucking Aya Keyipser. This food ripens them. As soon as their hair sprouts, we know they ride ke. After a while, there comes Yasuzim Shekkis. The ones who succeed are oiled[8] in the presence of Ilerj Elmis keeping the homeland; therefore, they read their own names by being freed from fatherhood names. This is the sign of being grown up for them.

Note: This text taken from Shaar Book. For details and meanings of special words written in Jel Ketri, please refer to the relevant file.


Maaris get buffs when they are in the domain of Hellim Helses (Twinkle of the Day), Asat Mirepi (Firepourer), Genlim Sasa (Song Bearer), Binimet Elmis (Foresighter), Parap Seylim (Zenith), Heslim (Whisperer) and Epemet Murpas (Altar of Contemplation).

Maaris are great Ke and Bah Buzaq (Whitemottle) riders.

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Maaris get debuffs when they are in the domain of Ufas (Twinkle of the Night), Enij Elmis (Glacier), Ekat Chark (Screamer), Dilen Dorug (Mischief Bundle), Dosh Dorug (Ball of Evil), Sisirki (Delusional) and Tuyt Dahuk (Terror Wad).

Maaris can't tame Miqeneghi (Fortyfeed).

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