Mirelim Lakusa (Rain Caller)


It, Mirelim Lakusar; they are Rain Callers.

Its vitalizing veins pour the miraculous food the sons call shiv like a fountain. Therefore Sharalimer flows; water does not resist, but flows. It is just a pleasant touch you feel when you dove your hand.

There are young and elder ones. You easily recognize the young ones. Their roots grow taller on Rutasar. Water flows from their bodies.

The elder ones; they are magnificent. Only careful eyes can recognize their existence. The marching time has taken stiffness off their bodies. Their bodies are transparent, bones are fringed. For them, root and body is one. Some have spread over Rutasar and become cibpu and atsa and cib; and some have been travelling with Vuhsar, leaving the mouth of their sons on earth’s breast like their tears.

Water carried by each Mirelim Lakusa has unique taste. Some of them leave the taster in a childhood dream. And some makes them wander in maddening drunkenness.

When an old Mirelim Lakusa trailing behind a strong Vuhsa leaves its waters on a tribe’s land it wanders upon, the heart of that society is filled with lakujan it brings. Therefore, some wises believe that all feelings they know are carried with rains to them. Lime Pesafit says: “Unless fountains come to an end, if they always exist, what is the secret of this infinity? The source of the ones who ascend to the sky and come down from the sky is the same. They (Mirelim Lakusar) are our hearts’ veins wandering among Rutasar and Teriser. From a cold heart rises pain and poison, and from a tender heart rises sherbet and remedy.”

Note: This text taken from Shaar Book. For details and meanings of special words written in Jel Ketri, please refer to the relevant file.

In-game Features


The following is the core this can be collected through Mirelim Lakusa:

Buff / Debuff

It does not provide buffs or debuffs to heroes.

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