The rights and possible interactions of the heroes regarding the religion they belong to are explained in this section. The narrative is in a general structure that covers all religions.

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Players are free to change their religion in line with their intended gameplay and strategy. It is possible to convert to any religion supported by the alliances. However, a change of religion cannot be made in the following cases:

  • Religion cannot be changed during the war season.

  • A religious change cannot be made if there is an active sect tastement.

  • If a change of religion has been made once between two war seasons, it cannot be changed again.

If a converting player is a member of any sect, his affiliation with the sect will be terminated at that moment.

Creating Own Religion

Players can create their own religions, not joining any of the existing religions. Other players can join established religions. However, it should not be forgotten: Temples cannot be built for religions created by players. For this reason, it is not possible to benefit from any of the features provided by the temple.

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