Kemj Elmis (Jest)


They are Jests.

Is there something elder than Rutasar and Teriser? According to the dwellers of Chirer Sinis, this has an answer without a doubt. They are called Jests: they believed only they walked on Shaar before Rutasar and Teriser; before Aya Pellar and Aya Cudar; before Beings and being of Beings.

To tell the truth, nowadays, they motionlessly wait on the border where two realms join. This forest is known as Kemj Arusa.

There are many rumors about the zone. How lon it spreads from one end to another, only Hûda knows. It is filled with secrets, and it is inexpressible.

Whatever is inexpressible, there arise legends and myths. Certainly, there is a truth spoken in legends. As far as we know, almost none of the sons dare enter the magical forest. A group exceptional: we call them Chirlatpanir. As far as we know, they are the ones who have lived in all times and they still live; they carry the knowledge of the invisible. What the sons believe about Jests is equal to a bit of this knowledge.

Oddments… It seems the opposite, but the forest is bodiless and bodies cannot take shelter in the bodiless. It is therefore believed that the ones who enter the Zone become the absolute light, Nûr. And that thoughts and memories elapse. Is it possible to turn back from here? All graphtures in Aya Pellar Library say it is not. But the oddments, they say the opposite, with a chance of possibility closer to impossibility.

For the oddments, the Zone is not a one-way ticket; it is a place where one does not want to return once gone. For a reason, the ones who return cannot speak about it. Because, when they gird on bodies, the knowledge of the place is forgotten. But they have the pleasant feeling casted on hearts; a glow of deep tranquility in them; lightheartedness in their spirit; the relief in body. This is the tranquillizer, like an everlasting and confidant relic.

Note: This text taken from Shaar Book. For details and meanings of special words written in Jel Ketri, please refer to the relevant file.

In-game Features


The following is the core this can be collected through Kemj Elmis:

Buff / Debuff

It does not provide buffs or debuffs to heroes.


When you enter the Forest of Jests; your hero, animals and all the items near you Items losing their physical appearance by sublimation.

You cannot fight with other players in the usual way between Jests. Only some special powers and charms can be effective here.

When you are among the Jests, your hero's and animal's health values decrease.

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