Ru (Twin)

There was a nation that did not walk with either Eastern Sons or Western Sons during the Period of Walks, and instead, sought a homeland for themselves by staying away from them. Today we know them as Twins. All parts of the mainland made them remember what we call Om Uchug and massacres, that’s why they couldn’t find peace in any district. They wanted to be secluded. They put to seas with akunas, reached Rur Irus, which is called with their names today, and settled in there

According to the rumors, they peacefully lived there during the early times. But then they were shaken with the raids they didn’t know the source of. Raids forced them to learn fighting. Thus, Twins’ Guild was established. The martial art they developed there advanced in cycles and took its last perfect condition. Today, they move together with that we call soul siblings. We know their weapons as break. When the breaks of two twins meet, they become one.

When Rur were infants, they are taken from their families and educated by guilds. They are educated with their soul siblings there, and learn morality, discipline and defense. Just a few among them succeed in the rocky road and graduate. The graduates have their necks tattooed Twins’ Scarlet. We know they are the most dangerous warriors alive.

Note: This text taken from Shaar Book. For details and meanings of special words written in Jel Ketri, please refer to the relevant file.


Twins get buffs when they are in the domain of Ufas (Twinkle of the Night), Enij Elmis (Glacier), Genlim Sasa (Song Bearer), Binimet Elmis (Foresighter), Parap Seylim (Zenith), Heslim (Whisperer) and Epemet Murpas (Altar of Contemplation).

Twins are great Ke and Bah Buzaq (Whitemottle) riders.

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Twins get debuffs when they are in the domain of Hellim Helses (Twinkle of the Day), Asat Mirepi (Firepourer), Ekat Chark (Screamer), Dilen Dorug (Mischief Bundle), Dosh Dorug (Ball of Evil), Sisirki (Delusional) and Tuyt Dahuk (Terror Wad).

Twins can't tame Jehi Zizugkar (Motley Whine).

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